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think before you "speak" and say "yes"


Vol. 1, No.2 july 15 , 2004

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi


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the other article





Your Ad -- Who Cares?
By Denise O'Berry

Junk mail. We all get it. And it goes straight to the trash can. How do you make sure your marketing piece doesn't end up in the round file?

Give it the 'who cares' test. You have approximately five seconds to get your prospect's attention. Make those five seconds count!

1. Start with a grab 'em headline.

2. Follow with a transitional sub headline.

3. Make the body count.

4. Give them a reason to call -- now.

Your prospects don't care about your company. They care about themselves and how you can fix their problem, make them more comfortable, save them time or money, or relieve their stress.

What are your marketing pieces doing for your company?

Resource Box: Denise O'Berry helps small business owners identify and execute the steps to grow their business. Find out more at http://www.whatspossible.com

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A way to communicate that is what email is! There were a lot of subjects to write about..email


I get a lot of junk mail. Junk mail is a great way to learn the art of advertising on the net.

1..Bayesian is explained everyday of the week.

2. I now have a HTML project...I am going to acquire some quotes and trivia

join a few affiliate programs and set my mail campaign.

First I need a plan ( I have a couple).

A way to send HTML mail and a mailing list using just what i have ..i guess i need a FTP client and

time and a website and host.

3..Reading my junk mail more carefully..I see an inability to type the right recipients address is a most

just type all possibilites till you get it right

Make a folder to save this newsletter in..

Call your (or our folder) The Start of Today (sot)

refer to:



some people are looking forward to labor day and october fest...






(adult content)


After reading about a business and its plan, and you realize the said business is for your. You feel not only do you understand that business,

your that business.

Your excited about what's good in that business. Well, then this newsletter is for you , forward it to friends.

Contribute and distribute; copy to sot folder.

Start of today folder: the what are you good at folder. Your the one and only person who is that person succeeding at being, "you".

Your don't need speech lessons, or find a way to improve your way of thinking, you are yourself no matter what you do.

The start of today, is it's beginning.


the Other Article

The other article or newsletter. I always feel like trying a new start or re-evalutating

whenever I hear useful advise. Mentally I scan my situation and look to the future.

Each day is a new start.

Train your children, there is a right from wrong.





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