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On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy. I may also include an explanation of what I like about the site.

For example, here's a link to a site that I look at every day:


Here's a link:


Here's a link :

Attention Please

You don't have a website address.

Your business card could need a personal profile page

a "web page" address on the world wide web.


Do you advertise on the internet?

Does your advertising explain your quality of life?

Follow up helps you to see your true values. Network marketing is for the

indivdual. Your prospect can think and feel. Prospects feel out their leads

as you did yours.

Is the quality of your life only automated response, pre-recorded voicemail and

a few "why" emails.

Have you had time to draw up your idea or ideal on serious

money making..

If you keep an appointment book make a date to re-hash information.

Join "Cognigen"

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think before you "speak" and say "yes"

Who is doing real good!  Who is making money!  Who has been doing this a while!
That is where your lead is!
Remember the old timey travel suitcase, with all the memorabilia stickers?  That
is your new network you are duplicating.
Make plans, your off and running.
Your going to start a story only you know how to tell.  Open your suitcase and
relate from it, make appointments and meetings.
You will duplicate your entire journey.  A joutney begins with it's first step.
Your traveling at your own pace, it will take as long as yu can wait.
Carmen Bethel
P O Box 14398
Las Vegas NV  89114
(702) 340-1126