Woe is the Person called me
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Exposure is what every business needs. A website can be the exposure you need.

A website is the ideal way to communicate..and the ideal gift to give or receive


Let's buy our own plan. What does this statement mean?

Could this be a time honored strategy?

Write out your plan and fold the sheet of paper.

Do you need to read your plans to run your business?

If folding were closing shop, do you feel the market missing you and your service?

"Buying this can open your mind", because actions speak louder than words..


(the) Season has changed once more

Doesn't mean I'll have cantaloupe

stare at the floor!

Where is hope?

I can't stand any more

350 years, one more day

I must face those jeers

I'm just a hold in the wall,

come one , come all

Boy I'm really hot..

summers here..

One day without hope

Should I buy cantaloupe

Silk and satin, wax and wane

What will stop the pain?

My toes, my heels


Mankinds woes, no one cares how I feel


Where is hope?

I can't say more.


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Who is doing real good!  Who is making money!  Who has been doing this a while!
That is where your lead is!
Remember the old timey travel suitcase, with all the memorabilia stickers?  That
is your new network you are duplicating.
Make plans, your off and running.
Your going to start a story only you know how to tell.  Open your suitcase and
relate from it, make appointments and meetings.
You will duplicate your entire journey.  A joutney begins with it's first step.
Your traveling at your own pace, it will take as long as yu can wait.
Carmen Bethel
P O Box 14398
Las Vegas NV  89114
(702) 340-1126