Keep on thinking
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Never stop thinking...

It aint' neccessarily so....

Can you talk to a snake?

I hope I got this right...!


Q=want really clean

Fuller Brush is the answer

Buy from your Independent Rep



If you start at the end, you can't begin.


Protecting this closely guarded secret...

feeling the flavors mingle in my mouth

VIP treatment awaites me..

I don't want to be in a dark corner..I want plenty of light

so, I pick the right option.

Tablecloth- Product

Silverware-good service


Water- training and sponsoring


Why start something you can't finish. Start your own business with serious intent.

It's a great company to start with. Great because you are selling what you identify

with "yourself". This isn't always so, but can be true. Difference and attitude is a

great attention "grabber. So, serve up the "sell", that's what is good training all about.

Interest is what you created when and if there was a call back... Tell everyone

your goals for two weeks....Do you now understand a boring person?

the Make it Happen orders....all served with beer.


nuts and bolts -chilli and cheese

familiar and basic

Remember we talked about ----------?

Well, what do you think about it?

skull and X-bones -braised carrots and tomatoes-w-peso/garlic onions

boiled cabbage wedge -w- medium rogue

fried pickles

to the point

Now, that you've had time to look it over-Let's sign on

twice the calories- beilgum chocolate at it's creamy best cerved on orange wafers-and second part of our trio

melted over buttermilk dream ice cream and coffee wafer- third offering squares

carry out beer

Everyone at the office has signed.

deadline- New England boiled dinner-served when all have finished.

Failure makes examples of success.

What else can you do? You can start the process all over again...

you know what to do right.

Create a team environment. Focus on your skills. Do you need a team mate.

Skills are those things you access to determine possible success. From

my point of view you are not bringing the team

down if you can't make a sell. Times are different "today". It's your time

and money your wasting. One product is the same as another to the ininterested prospect.


Your rep wants you to sign on an retired person and two of her friends. Two friends who have retired

from a program. They still want to work.

These peoplw understand how awkard it is to take their first steps. The first step of

living their own lives with a goal. A goal they determine by living a life of their own choosing.

62 oz steak

quality seldom over looked


a standard from the start

After dinner coffee.

Never want, when you can

Do plan-Plan to do




Business Packages 


Look no further

Plan and put your plan in action-Don't go naked, just because it's dark outside.

Good servive isn't secret service, you've got to act.

Define your reason for plans and set goals. Tell someone your goals.

Actions speak louder than words...find your experience.

www bigcan.net

Who is doing real good!  Who is making money!  Who has been doing this a while!
That is where your lead is!
Remember the old timey travel suitcase, with all the memorabilia stickers?  That
is your new network you are duplicating.
Make plans, your off and running.
Your going to start a story only you know how to tell.  Open your suitcase and
relate from it, make appointments and meetings.
You will duplicate your entire journey.  A joutney begins with it's first step.
Your traveling at your own pace, it will take as long as yu can wait.
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Las Vegas NV  89114
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