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SovereignLife - How to Increase Your Freedom, Privacy and Weath!

Are you a leader?  Why should anyone follow you? 
Should , or can you follow the leader, till your number one?
Can you offer support , with follow -up?


defining the internet market...

.put this in your subject line..putitwhereyou

let your ISP decide where to send it and as what ever...junk or

Warning: People having fun...

Playing blind mans bluff...

The internet is percentages.

Who is your ISP?

Can you be your own AOL?

Can a minor have a credit card or an internet account? You set up an account and manage.

Only responible people can have email to manage.

Is it only children who can be serious?

Part of an advertising package is the internet.

First you need:

A great product...I am watching how other people use seems great..

Despite warnings you can?

Inform - Research , reference, instructional

Merchandise: Product or service


Internet advertising is time consuming.

Every successful person has their own product.

What does it take to call attention to a website?

When opportunity knocks.let it find you..



the best way to get there!