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Came to evening, came to morning, a day


Some things are just priceless, but, for want of a nail

this by: C.B. denise


I don't have a song
I can knit
I should be the best knitter in the world
the victory is I can purl
My favorite muse now that my breast sag
is what's in my knitting bag.
The magic of time can be healed with a sock
How many needles form the 1x1 ribbing
The family outing you forgot to attend
Once only kidding,  it is a tissue cover  your knitting
God is a spirit,  would you like to share?
How many needles form the 1x1 rib?
You can't remember was his response glib..

to be finished later...

maybe with...
You can't sing with me...
I am everyday... everyday  I am all alone

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all things beautiful


On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy. I may also include an explanation of what I like about the site.

For example, here's a link to a site that I look at every day:
There are boundaries to attention...attention paid to the universe
Water, sky, air..morning is the same each time it states:
I haven't washed ,  I am new
A whisper between the dew drops
I'm everyday, call me everyday
Carmen (dnxggl) Bethel

Visualization Have you thought of every thing from A to Z and nothing seems to work The power of one is not working. You see your goal as you pull out of the train station. Success is not a private thing. Service or a product what is your goal?

Well, for the year I have been fixing up my site.

Changing the appeal of the whole thing...

I hope you find something you like.

Still un-named...

more links... -
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kinda of a different site ...for recipes....there seems to be no end .....eccl.12 -
starting a list of favorites......? -
I need that certain to be called to mind ...I can't remember where it has all gotten off to....only when i need something from the store does the thrill come real to me...buddy can u spare me a dime....a project engineer.....Life is kicking my a-s...this is all the information needed to stay on that search just type any thing ...and you'll be there....http://www.bestjobsusa.comor or is it usajobs or jobbank of who knows....they claim. that is the place.........I need a job...where on the internet is there a employer to do the thing right......silence is golden....mum's the keep it under your arm...... -
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collection of world newspaper ..for those ..who want to know

Here's a link to the site of this company :

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links.. all las vegas... is... thelasvegassearch...

Are you looking around and finding the same old things over and over again?...let's play

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