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Email is the best ad you can place before the public.  Once you've captured someone's attention you send them to your product "stir and excite".  Word of mouth can't compare. Make yourself the center of attention.  Don't use attachments, let their fingers do the walking.  Mailings are to a community not a list.  Your time is real.  I can point at you..every moment is new..brighten the dark world of email..

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The more eye appeal;  the better the chances of your message being
If you are reading this and live in a country other
than America this is a business opportunity for you..
Sign up as a Cognigen independent agent and sell the
the services of industry leaders such as AT&T, Sprint,
Verizon, MCI and PNG.
As a Cognigen independent agent you get a free website,
you'll start at 6% commission .

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A powerful software to send bulk email messages that are personalized for each recipient. Features: 1) Built-in SMTP Server. 2) Multi-threaded support. Max 100 threads. 3) Support multi-smtp servers. 4) Both HTML and Text format support. 5) Mailing Task Scheduling support. 6) Support multi-attachments. 7) Automatically Hand Up or Shun Down computer when done. 8) Easy to send personalized message for each recipient. 9) Easier to learn and use.

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