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Driving Game

oh, no

He would see the clouds, resting on their daily divan.
And want to spin air....
Air the color of the forest...
dense as the memory he held
David wanted to spin, hundreds of daily shows...
He would never see...
Each day of sight was dressed solely for him..
The jacket of time, the sun
Buttons the moon
No ribirth for David, handspun, handpainted
Movement of time, land, green, or brown
Seasons, festival of time
Cheers, Jeers, David wonders what's it like not to see....!

let your "yes"
mean "yes"
your "no"  
mean "no"

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Do you Buy

Plan to sell


Las Vegas!

Let them tag you!

Your it!

Just the one!

It's Las Vegas at it's best!

Your in the House!

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