faith Listen...!

Faith Listen...!

You can't hear focus
But, you experience in the vast hues that make day
and the
Texture of delightful food
You can't hear doubt
Should I say it's all in the way you hear...!
What you know good?
What, you know good!

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Do you like meeting
people and staying in touch with them.
Value and experience:  I'd love to meet people who have
something to talk about.
An honest focused talkative person, who knows itself
has the right experience.
The experience of making friends is valuable to only a few.
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If Not Now, When?
By: Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin
All this talk about being a "human be-ing" NOT a "human do-ing" --
kind of reminds me of Martin Luther's argument that "works" don't matter!
And I need to tell you that this is a doctrine I do NOT affirm.
Yes, we sometimes get so caught up on do, do - pun intended -
that we lose sight of the world's beauty and our inner being.
Inner depth, focus, spiritual wholeness are essential aspects
of human BE-ING. But for wholeness, we also need ENGAGEMENT . . .
focused action in support of those things we most deeply believe.
Recall the wisdom of the first century Jewish scholar,
Rabbi Hillel: "If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?
If I am only for myself, then what am I? If not now, when?"
Perhaps in this Election Year, and in these days when the
earth cries out with pain, we are called to be spiritual midwives,
that by our actions, we may bring our values to birth, and serve
the needs of a troubled and hurting world.
Maureen is a Life Coach and spiritual guide, who helps
clients build on their strengths to create the life of
their dreams. "95% of your life is working," she says,
"so why let that other 5% get all the energy?"
Check her out at

Written: June 2, 2004 (Updated June 2, 2004)

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