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A Call For You

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Do you need a Wake up call ?   Give me a call..
there is a Wake up call for you...
give me 15 minutes one way or another...
method of calls:
15  minutes before - one call
time of call - call
15 minutes after expected time:  one call
each group of 3 calls...amount to 1 call
$20 a month...
month to month basis....
long term....
Big Flight day?
this is a service for you...


Want a tied string, reminder? shopping, appointments..engagements...

Wake Up...wake up...

(702) 340-1126 voicemail

IM: MSN - dnnbth

P O Box 14398
Las Vegas NV

a method of payment - open free account...!

Wake Up service is payable by:  Money Order,  or paypal



Do you know where your children are?